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Academics at Prescott College

Area of Study:
Arts & Humanities

Area of Study:
Arts & Humanities

The Arts and Humanities Area of Study offers programs for resident undergraduate, limited-residency undergraduate, and limited-residency Master's students to explore fine arts, writing and literature, and the social sciences.

Arts & Humanities for Limited-Residency Master of Arts

The Limited-Residency Master of Arts Program provides opportunities for students to develop individually-designed, interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary studies in three major academic areas: Traditional Humanities (Arts and Letters), Cultural Studies, and Social Sciences

Graduate students are encouraged to develop individualized study areas that incorporate cultural, historical, philosophical, political, and social aspects of their disciplines and work.  Numerous options are possible within the large framework of philosophy, mythology, and spirituality, including religious studies, ecofeminism, cosmology, dialogical ecology, spiritual studies, comparative religions and theology. It is also possible within Humanities to focus a degree on some nonclinical areas in psychology such as wellness, gerontology, ecopsychology, depth psychology, forensic psychology, spiritual psychology or psychology of women.

Arts & Humanities for Limited Residency Undergraduate

In all Prescott College programs, undergraduate students have the option of creating their own student-directed competence or concentration.  Limited-residency undergraduates explore the many ways that humans relate to each other and their environments through a political, economic, social, cultural, historical or aesthetic lens. As active, even activist, artists or scholars, they increase awareness and participation in intercultural dialogues while they examine their own and others’ beliefs and make contributions to existing and emerging bodies of knowledge and practice. Individualized programs in Arts & Cultural Studies prepare students for graduate study or careers in areas that include: Anthropology, Cultural and Regional Studies, Expressive Arts, History, Humanities, Journalism, and Public Administration. 

Arts & Humanities for Resident Undergraduate

Students at Prescott College may pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Arts & Letters designating competence areas in Creative Writing, Visual Arts, or Interdisciplinary Arts and Letters. They may also pursue Bachelor of Arts degrees (BA) with competence areas in Creative Writing, Photography, Studio Arts, Interdisciplinary Arts, or Writing and Literature.  Some students, working closely with advisors and mentors, design individual competence tracks that allow them to combine their studies of painting, photography, writing, or dance with their studies of nature, education, social justice, human development, or adventure education. Several have graduated with competence titles such as Nature Writing, Travel Writing, Photojournalism, Environmental Art, and Nature and Dance.  All students working toward degrees housed in the Arts & Letters Department engage in courses focused on rigorous, hands-on acquisition and application of skills and theory.

Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Alligator Juniper Literary Magazine

Alligator Juniper is an award-winning national literary magazine published by Prescott College since 1995.  It features contemporary poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction and black & white photography. We encourage submissions from writers and photographers at all levels, emerging, early-career, and established. 

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Media Center

Students Editing Film in Media Center

The Media Center at Prescott College is a resource available to all students. Our media lab features twelve Mac computers equipped with software such as Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro, in addition to tools for sound editing, photo editing, flyer making and book design. The Media Center is used for classes such as Digital Storytelling, The Documentary, and Newspaper Journalism Practicum, while serving as the headquarters of the Raven Review Newspaper. 

Raven Review

The Raven Review is an independent newspaper managed by students enrolled in "Newspaper Journalism Practicum" and covers issues of interest to the Prescott community and readers throughout the Southwest. News items, feature pieces, and editorials written by Prescott College student journalists appear alongside the work of regionally and nationally recognized professional journalists.