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Ecosa Institute Now a Part of Prescott College


"The Ecosa Institute offers a distinctive learning environment of such high quality that our faculty have approved it as a part of the Prescott College curricula."

Over the past decade, through more than 20 semesters of collaboration, many Prescott College students have been able to include sustainable design in their studies through the Prescott, Ariz.-based Ecosa Institute. The two organizations recently made the relationship “official” when an agreement was signed to take in Ecosa as a sponsored program of the College.

“The Ecosa Institute offers a distinctive learning environment of such high quality that our faculty have approved it as a part of the Prescott College curricula,” says Paul Burkhardt, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost of Prescott College. “Taking the Ecosa Institute into Prescott College is mutually beneficial as the Institute will benefit from the College’s operational support and the College will benefit from the Institute’s unique approach to sustainable design.”

Ecosa provides strong sustainable design brand recognition, unique “immersion semester” curriculum, and staff expertise in design. Prescott College provides cost-effective administrative services, professional marketing and fundraising support, stable financial structure, academic accreditation, and financial assistance for degree seeking students. The Ecosa Regenerative Ecological Design program will be available to Prescott College students as a part of the regular curricula overseen by the faculty of the College.

“We advocate a whole-systems approach to design that goes beyond aesthetics,” explains Antony “Tony” Brown, Founder and Director of the Ecosa Institute at Prescott College. “RE-Design (Regenerative Ecological Design) requires applied, real-world work, and addresses questions of social, economic and environmental responsibility as a context within which design functions. This makes us a perfect fit with the mission of Prescott College”.

Since Ecosa’s inception in 1998, students have completed numerous hands-on community design and planning concept projects in Arizona and internationally. After completing the Ecosa program, students have gone on to work in design, architecture, community planning and renewal programs, and environmental restoration.

“In addition to being a boon to our own students, this new relationship will make it easier for students from other institutions to enroll for a semester of study at the Ecosa Institute of Prescott College,” says Burkhardt. “Additionally we’ll be offering a non-credit study option for professionals and other community members at large seeking certification or continuing education clock hours, available through the Lifelong Learning Center at Prescott College.”

The partnership is seen by all involved as a way to make both institutions and the students they serve more resilient and robust.

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