College Credit Program for Students in Chican@ Studies Available Through Prescott College-Tucson

Two college credit hours to high school students for the completion of the course


Live ethically in a global world

Prescott College faculty member, Anita Fernández, developed a credit-bearing course with Curtis Acosta, former TUSD Teacher of Mexican American Studies, for students who want to take the literature course that was recently banned by HR 2281. Chican@ Literature, designed to replace the banned Mexican American Literature course, will offer 2 college credit hours to high school students for the completion of the course.
Prescott College believes HB 2281 (now ARS-15-112) is an inappropriate effort to regulate ethnic studies that drives elimination of highly effective, culturally relevant and nationally recognized approaches to the teaching of U.S. history, politics and culture from Arizona public schools.  Prescott College, an educational institution committed to preparing all students to live ethically in a global world, is opposed to any law that restricts multicultural education.

Chican@ literature

Chican@ literature is a replication of the former MAS course taught at Tucson Unified School District before the implementation of HB2281 and the elimination of the MAS program.  The course not only engages in a rigorous study of literature, but also includes participatory action research that students authentically generate through class experiences and discussions. Mr. Acosta is currently holding this course on Sunday afternoons for students who are interested in gaining the knowledge that is now deemed illegal in Arizona.  By connecting this literature course to Prescott College’s “Early High School Experience,” students have the opportunity to earn 2 college credits toward their future higher education studies and Mr. Acosta will gain the structural support necessary to continue to offer this crucial education to students.

The class will begin in the spring and will be held at the John Valenzuela Youth Center at 1550 S. 6th Ave. Tucson, AZ.  It meets on Sunday afternoons.

Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund has been set up to support students enrolling for college credit.  Donors can send contributions by mailing a check to Prescott College, 220 Grove Ave., Prescott AZ 86301.  Please write “CLASS” in the memo line of the check.

This is an excellent way for Prescott College to reach out to prospective students in the Tucson area and to make a strong statement for critical, multicultural education while supporting our mission for social justice.

Media Coverage

The efforts of Prescott College and the TUSD in protecting Ethnic Studies have been covered in The Huffingtonpost and The Nation.

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