December 13, 2023

December 2023 Student Employee of the Month Copy

Audrey Aceves Hall is the December Prescott College Student Employee of the Month! Audrey is majoring in Sustainable Food Systems and was hired as a first-year student last Fall ’22 during her first term in college. Here are some sweet words from her supervisor, Eleanor Tison:

“Audrey has blossomed into an amazing student Sustainability Crew leader and worker–all while maintaining a high GPA and even achieving Junior year status with additional credits and classes while also being a student worker. It is inspiring how well Audrey manages her time and prioritizes self-directed tasks and projects (she always finds a way to do productive work in our gardens or the Sustainability Center) while also focusing on being a good student in courses.

Taco Tuesday is a super successful weekly “FREE HEALTHY MEAL-from-scratch” event for any Prescott college student or community member featuring campus or local veggies freshly prepared the afternoon of the event. Audrey has TRAINED and continues to lead all of her fellow work-study students in making tortillas, salsa & guacamole & veggie fillings from scratch for our now weekly Taco Tuesday free dinner event hosted by the Sustainability Center (last year in our old building, Cicada, now in our new home in Wren). She also donated three young chickens last fall to help us build up our flock and lent us the use of her tortilla press, warmer, and other equipment we use weekly for Taco Tuesday.

It now draws 25-30 undergraduates regularly every Tuesday, 5-7 p.m., and includes a firepit in front of Wren with plenty of hot cocoa.

Audrey has completed all of her hard work (putting in at least 10 hours or more a week) while being a single mom and commuting from off campus. Additionally, Audrey attended high school in Chino Valley and reminds us that our local young adults can find a home here at Prescott College–learning so much but contributing in many ways as a student worker.

Additionally, Audrey has organized a Tamale Making Workshop for THIS FRIDAY, 12/8, 2-4 p.m., in the Wren Kitchen of the Sustainability Center–please stop by! She’s invited chef activist Molly Beverly to help lead, and we will be working with a Peruvian native “flint” corn she helped harvest a couple of weeks ago from a local farm that we will be making into a masa to fill tamales with any students/staff who want to drop in and learn!”

Congratulations, Audrey! Thank you for everything you do for our community and more! We are so lucky to have you!