Meriel Brooks | Prescott College

Meriel Brooks


Ph.D.  University of Arizona, 1992,  Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

     Dissertation: Ontogeny and evolution of sexual dimorphism in Paraclinin blennies (Teleostei:Labrisomidae)   Advisor: Richard E. Strauss

 B.S.  University of Arizona  with distinction 1984



Lynda M. Fried, Matthew C. Boyer, and Meriel J. Brooks  2018 Amphibian Response to Rotenone Treatment of Ten Alpine Lakes in Northwest Montana.   North American Journal of Fisheries Management DOI: 10.1002/nafm.10022

Mauhs-Pugh, T. & M. Brooks 2013 Seeking ‘Productive, Caring, and Fulfilling Lives’ through the Environmental Liberal Arts in The College Curriculum: A Reader  edited by Joseph DeVitis (Peter Lang Publishing, NY).

Stepien, C.A., A. K. Dillon, M.J. Brooks, K.L. Chase, and A. N. Hubers  1997  The evolution of blennioid fishes based on an analysis of mitochondrial 12S rDNA.  pp 245-270  in Molecular Systematics of Fishes.   Eds T.D. Kocher and C.A. Stepien.  Academic Press

Brooks, M.J. 1991  The ontogeny of sexual dimorphism: Quantitative models and a case study in labrisomid blennies (Teleostei: Paraclinus).  Syst. Zool. 40(3):271-283.


Minnow population structure along river corridors and connectivity between basins. Northeast Natural History Conference, Springfield MA  (2015)

Lessons from the Pleistocene Society for Human Ecology, Bar Harbor, ME (2014)

Recolonization history of the longnose dace (Rhinichthys cataractae) as revealed by population structure in southern Lake Champlain drainages. Northeast Fish & Wildlife Conference, Portland ME (2014)

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Drift of larval fish in a small northeastern river: a test of hypotheses Early Life History Section of American Fisheries Society (2006)

Awards, Grants, & Honors


National Science Foundation (2009)  Vermont EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) Grant: Developing an Index of Biotic Integrity for Larval Cyprinidae to Test Water Quality.  $14,792  co-authored with Brad Coupe, Castleton State College.

Davis Educational Foundation (2008-2011)  Assessing Sustainability Skills:  Developing Learning Outcomes Assessments for Green Mountain College’s Environmental Liberal Arts Program, $248,000.00, co-authored with William Throop, Provost Green Mountain College and Tom Mauhs-Pugh, Dean of the Faculty, Green Mountain College.

National Science Foundation (2004-06)  Course, Curriculum, & Laboratory Improvement Grant, DUE: Problem-based Learning through the Laboratory Experience in Biochemistry and Evolution with Natalie Coe.  $48,000.00 awarded in 2004 for 2005-06 academic year.

National Science Foundation (2000)  Vermont EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) Grant: Habitat Selection and Distribution of Alewife Larvae in Lake St. Catherine, VT.         

Scholarships and Awards

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Evolutionary Biology (Case Western Reserve University 1992-1993)

Graduate School Awards: Research Training Group Fellowship, Sigma Xi Grants-in-aid of Research, Graduate Student Program Development Fund, Departmental Summer Research Award, Field Museum of Natural History (support for work in collections), Graduate Academic Scholarship (awarded twice).