Resources for Veterans and Military Families

"I commend Prescott College for voluntarily choosing to qualify as Arizona's first, private, Veteran Supportive Campus. I encourage all of our private institutions of higher education to follow Prescott College's lead so that we may better meet the needs of our brave men and women that have fought to secure our freedoms." -Governor Jan Brewer

As part of our quest to help our students who receive VA Educational Benefits succeed, Prescott College has become certified as an Arizona Veterans Supportive Campus.

As the first private college in Arizona to become certified as a Veteran Supportive Campus, we continually strive to better support our veterans and military families. Prescott College offers unique options otherwise not available in Arizona or much of the nation. All of our programs are based in liberal arts, environment and social justice, with small class sizes, and award-winning experiential and a practical based learning. Many veterans find that our unique approach to experiential education is an ideal fit for their learning style.

On this page, we have provided suggested resources to guide veterans and families of veterans through the education system, as well as resources for health and wellness, financial education and support, and additional benefits available. 

For questions regarding support at Prescott College, please contact the VA School Certifying Official: 

Deborah Kronz
VA School Certifying Official
P: 928-350-1108

Veterans Supportive Campus

Below are the points of contact within Prescott College who can assist with varying aspects of this Veterans Supportive Campus. Feel free to reach out for more information about veterans and their families attending Prescott College. 

Deborah Kronz
VA Certifying Official
P: 928-350-1108
Bee Sena
Director of Financial Aid
P: 928-350-1111
Mari Longpre
ADA Coordinator & Learning Specialist
P: 928-350-2259
Christina Fabrey
Associate Dean of Advising & Academic Achievement
P: 928-350-2246
Counseling Services E:


Campus Veterans Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center employs student veterans and, depending on the time of the year, offers the following services:

  • Peer mentoring and peer support for student veterans and military family members
  • Orientation sessions
  • One-stop resource center for college, community, state, and national resources
  • Community outreach and collaboration of veterans services
  • Ongoing involvement in the education/training of the college community in regards to veterans

Getting Veteran Support in Prescott

Below are the points of contact in Prescott who can assist with varying aspects of educational benefits and health and wellness support. 

Prescott Vet Center
3180 Stillwater Dr. St. A
Prescott, AZ, 86305
Free services include individual and group counseling for
veterans and their families, employment assessment and
referral, substance abuse assessment and referral,
bereavement counseling for families, outreach and education.
P: 928-778-3469
Veterans Upward Bound
Yavapai College Learning Center
1100 E. Sheldon St.
Bldg. 1-209 B
Prescott, AZ, 86301
Motivates and assists veterans in the development of
academic and other skills necessary for success in a
college program. 
P: 928-717-7686
U.S. Vets
917 E. Gurley St. 
Prescott, AZ, 86301
Offers job assistance as well as housing and support for
low-income and homeless veterans and their families.
P: 928-583-7204
AZ Department of Veterans

600 E. Gurley St. Ste. D
Prescott ,AZ, 86301
Provides information, counseling, and assistance to veterans,
their dependents and survivors in matters pertaining to 
federal and state benefits earned by honorable service in 
the U.S. Armed Forces
P: 928-443-0167
Veterans Resource Center of 

600 E. Gurley St. Ste. F
Prescott, AZ, 86303
Provides case management and temporary financial
assistance to homeless veterans and their families, or those
at risk for homelessness. 
P: 928-776-0766
Northern Arizona VA Healthcare

500 Hwy. 89N
Prescott, AZ, 86313
Provides inpatient and outpatient medical and mental health-
care in Prescott for veterans throughout Northern Arizona. 
Offers specific programs for caregivers, women POWs, 
returning service members, and veterans who are 
homeless or involved in the justice system.
P: 928-445-4860


Support from Arizona and the U.S. 

Below are the points of contact for state and national resources who can assist with varying aspects of educational benefits and health and wellness support. 

eBenefits Apply for and manage all your VA benefits, check your remaining
months of and eligibility period for GI Bill® Benefits. 
GI Bill® Customer Service   P: 888-442-4551
Customer Service for Vocational
Some education benefits, many non-education benefits, and
Muskogee Regional Processing
Military Transcripts   Air Force
All Other Branches
Request for Change of Program
of Place of Training
If you have used your benefits at another school, fill out form
VA Debt Management Center Non-medical debts, including education P: 800-827-0648
Phoenix Regional Benefit Office   W:
Chapter 30 and 1606 Verification
and Enrollment
  P: 844-698-2311
Veterans Crisis Line Connects veterans in crisis and their families and friends with
qualified, caring responders through confidential toll-free
hotline, online chat, or text.
Text: 838255
P: 800-273-8255
Transition Assistance Program Helps veterans transition from the military to civilian careers W:
Wounded Warrior Project Offers mental health, health and wellness, employment, 
education, family support, peer support, benefits advice, and 
information and referral services.
P: 888-997-2586 or
Make the Connection One-stop resource where veterans and their families and 
friends can privately explore information about physical and
mental health symptoms, challenging life events, and mental
health conditions


For comprehensive information about your VA benefits, please refer to VA sources:


Students who are eligible for veterans education benefits (VEB) may use their benefits at Prescott College for the majority of our programs. Currently, we accept chapters:

Currently, we are not set-up to accept Department of Defense Tuition Assistance.

Yellow Ribbon Program

Prescott College participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program. This means, if an eligible student's qualifying tuition and fees exceed the VA annual private college cap, the VA and Prescott College will split the cost of the overage under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.®

The following students are eligible for the program:

  • Veterans with Post 9/11 GI Bill® at 100% benefit level who are not active duty.
  • Dependents whose parent transferred their Post 9/11 GI Bill® at 100% level.
  • Dependents whose spouse is not on active duty and transferred their Post 9/11 GI Bill® at 100% level.

The Following Chapter 33 recipients are not eligible:

  • VA Fry Scholarship recipients.
  • Active duty veterans and their spouses.
  • Those who are not at the 100% benefit level.

Find Out If You Qualify



You are required to complete a working degree plan with your adviser before you will be certified for your second term. Please provide a copy of your Degree Plan to the Veteran Certifying Official. Edits throughout your semesters at Prescott College may be necessary to continue suing your education benefits. 

Follow the link below for more information on meeting the requirements and allowing the Veterans Certifying Official to submit your enrollment certification to the Veterans' Administration.

Degree Plan/Academic Requirements for Veterans Education Benefits

The school cannot report your enrollment or bill the VA for a term if any of the classes on your schedule do not match your degree plan.  Delaying these updates may delay your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) or subsistence payments and/or payment for tuition and fees.

Always ensure that your degree plan is up-to-date by communicating with the Advising Center

The VA will only pay for classes multiple times in the following situations

  • No Credit (NC) grades and Last Date of Attendance must be reported to the VA. If you earn an NC in a class or stopped attending before the term ended, you will owe the VA for the portion of the class you did not attend.
  • Classes that are successfully completed may not be certified again for VA purposes if they are repeated. However, if a class is failed, or if a program requires a higher grade than the one achieved in a particular class for successful completion, that class may be repeated and certified to VA again.
  • If a course is required for graduation, you may repeat the course and be certified for it until it is successfully completed. You should contact the VA School Certifying Offician about re-taking a class. 

VA auditors have access to and often review all veterans’ files.  If they see that you have retaken a course inappropriately, you will owe a debt back to the VA.  If the VA School Certifying Official catches it, she must report it to the VA.

Think twice before withdrawing from a course. This could mean you officially reported a withdrawal to the registrar, or it could simply mean you stopped showing up to class. If you withdraw from a class, Prescott College will have to report to the VA the last date of attendance and the VA will require you to repay the tuition for the portion of the course you did not finish.  The VA will only pay for “seat time” or the time you attended on a regular basis. 


Utilize the checklist at the link below to ensure that you are ready for the next steps of the Veterans Certifying Process. 

Veterans' Education Benefits Checklist


When you have received the checklist and are ready to proceed with your benefits, follow the link below to complete the Veterans Education Benefits Agreement.

Veterans' Education Benefits Agreement and Form

Prescott College is proud to support our veterans by accepting the GI® Bill for tuition costs. Students who are eligible for VA Education Benefits may use their benefits at Prescott College.  The majority of our programs are approved for VA Education Benefits.

While using the GI Bill®, course fees are not automatically billed to the VA for payment. The VA will not pay some fees, including portions of course fees for camping, transportation, housing and meals. Veterans should contact the VA Certifying Official for information about specific course fees.  

The VA will only cover fees that are directly associated with tuition and attendance at the college.  For instance: the technology fee, sustainability fee and activity fee.  Once we confirm which courses fit into your degree requirements, we must review an itemization of the fees and remove anything related to camping park entrance fees, college vehicle use, transportation, housing and other miscellaneous items listed.

Please visit the link below to apply for your veterans’ educational benefits or call 1-888-442-4551.

Apply For Benefits