Alum Profile: Michael Damioli

Michael Damioli
Maggie Hickey

It is an exciting time as Michael Damioli and his partner Cortland Mathers-Suter gear up to open their brand new business: Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery (CMAR), a mental health and addiction treatment center in Denver, Colorado. For Damioli, his journey to this milestone has been full of excitement, uncertainty, and personal growth. The center, CMAR, opens on May 18th, 2020 with the intention of admitting and treating the opioid-dependent population in Denver, Colorado. Damioli said that for him this business is not just about treating individual cases, but also about addressing the stigmas that surround the underserved opioid-dependent community. He stated that even though roughly 60,000 people die each year from an overdose, this population lacks sufficient and affordable treatment options. This has led Damioli and his partner to build a business that will address the issues present in the face of the opioid epidemic.

Michael Damioli’s journey toward this effort began before he was able to realize it. Growing up in Ohio, Damioli’s whole family worked in healthcare. With his mother being a nurse and his father a pharmacist, Damioli always knew that he would end up working in healthcare. He began his college education at the University of Colorado at Boulder but, after a number of years, decided to leave. Sometime later, Damioli found himself in treatment in Prescott, Arizona, and by 2011, sobered up and began attending Prescott College. It was at this time that Damioli found a passion for psychology and human development. The classes that he was able to take at Prescott College got him interested in mental and behavioral health and with the encouragement of a few close professors, he began taking counseling skills classes. With a natural knack for counseling, Damioli began to look beyond his undergraduate graduation into further educational opportunities. In 2014, upon completion of his BA in Psychology and Human Development, Damioli started Prescott College’s online MS in Counseling before transferring to the University of Colorado at Denver to complete a master’s degree in Social Work. During his studies, he had the opportunity to work at the Cedar Addiction Treatment Center at the University of Colorado’s hospital. Since his graduation in 2017, Damioli has worked at Valiant Living, an addiction treatment center in Denver.

Though they both attended Prescott College at the same time, Michael Damioli (clinical director) and Cortland Mathers-Suter (managing partner) met in Denver, Colorado, years after their respective graduations. Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery (CMAR) became the product of the two partners’ seemingly parallel journeys. The center will provide in-person counseling and treatment as well as telehealth services to people of the greater Denver area with the goal of acting locally and affecting globally. Damioli wanted to note that this project seeks to help people understand that addiction is a disease. For those with stigmas surrounding the opioid-dependent populations, he wants to prove that individuals suffering from this disease deserve the same care and empathy given to any other human suffering from addiction. For those who are part of this underserved community, he wants to make sure that there is help out there and that stigma barriers are dismantled so that they will reach out for help. It is with these two things in mind that Michael Damioli, and his partner Cortland Mathers-Suters, will begin their new chapter with the opening of Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery. 


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