The Psychology and Human Development is dedicated to providing students with a foundational understanding of what it means to be human and how humans interact with each other and the non-human world.心理學與人類發展致力於為學生提供對人類的意義以及人類如何與他人以及非人類世界互動的基礎知識。 The Ph.D.博士program assists students in following their interests and passions as it relates to helping others through focusing on social justice, critical theory, and encouraging service learning in the community.該計劃通過關注社會公正,批判理論和鼓勵社區中的服務學習來幫助學生關注自己的興趣和激情,這與幫助他人有關。 Students are encouraged to develop self-awareness, emotional maturity, and a respect for both the human world and the non-human world by exploring cognitive, emotional, behavioral, social, and spiritual aspects of the human personality as well as an understanding of how larger systems influence individuals and communities.通過探索人類個性的認知,情感,行為,社會和精神方面以及對如何做的理解,鼓勵學生髮展自我意識,情感成熟以及對人類世界和非人類世界的尊重。較大的系統會影響個人和社區。 This kind of integration often requires a shift in attention beyond traditional Western views of human nature and a refocusing on the economic, political, and cultural aspects of our lives.這種融合通常需要轉移注意力,超越傳統的西方人性觀,並重新關注我們生活中的經濟,政治和文化方面。 At the advanced level, we offer unique opportunities to learn not only through courses offered across departments but also through supervised field experiences.在高級水平上,我們不僅提供跨部門開設的課程,而且還提供有監督的現場經驗來學習的獨特機會。 Students select from cutting-edge foundational courses taught in our unique學生可以選擇以我們獨特的方式教授的前沿基礎課程 Prescott College way.辦法。 We also offer advanced courses that help students develop proficiency and expertise in a number of emphasis areas.我們還提供高級課程,可幫助學生在許多重點領域中提高熟練程度和專業知識。 In addition to the emphasis areas listed below, creative and self-directed students are encouraged, with the help of faculty advisors, to create their own unique emphasis areas.除了下面列出的重點領域之外,還鼓勵有創造力和自我指導的學生在教職顧問的幫助下創建自己獨特的重點領域。


The primary foundational concepts, which strongly inform critical psychology (and which distinguishes critical psychology from mainstream psychology), are its emphasis on power, well-being, oppression, and liberation.強烈地批判心理學(並將批判心理學與主流心理學區分開)的主要基礎概念是其對力量,幸福,壓迫和解放的強調。 Critical psychology is committed to promulgating social justice, the welfare of communities (particularly oppressed communities), and the eradication of injustices and inequalities proffered by current social, economic and political systems.批判心理學致力於傳播社會正義,社區(特別是被壓迫社區)的福利以及消除當前社會,經濟和政治制度帶來的不公正和不平等現象。 Ultimately, critical psychological theories maintain that when collective factors such access to valued resources combined with a sense of community and personal empowerment, there is an increased likelihood that psychological and political well-being will result.最終,批判性心理學理論認為,當諸如獲取有價值的資源等集體因素與社區意識和個人授權感結合在一起時,心理和政治福祉的可能性就會增加。 Students of critical psychology question valued assumptions on which the field of psychology is based, and apply the concepts of critical psychology to psychological inquiry, research methods, and clinical practice.批判心理學的學生質疑心理學領域所基於的假設,並將批判心理學的概念應用於心理學探究,研究方法和臨床實踐。 Students are NOT required to take a practicum course for this emphasis.為此,學生無需參加實踐課程。 

The field of Gender and Sexuality Studies explores our gendered existence;性別與性研究領域探索了我們的性別存在。 what it means to be feminine and masculine and how this interacts with other aspects of our identity, such as race, ethnicity, class, and sexuality.女性化和男性化的含義以及這與我們身份的其他方面(例如種族,種族,階級和性行為)相互作用的方式。 Gender and Sexuality Studies focuses particular attention on those whom a society defines as "woman," on the meaning of that identity in different times and places, especially how women experience their lives and construct their own identities, and questions forms of inquiry, which place women as outsiders in society.性別與性研究特別關注社會定義為“女人”的人們,關注不同時間和地點的這種身份的含義,尤其是女性如何體驗生活和構建自己的身份,以及質疑形式的探究。婦女作為社會的局外人。 It integrates women's questions and perspectives into the theoretical frameworks through which we approach the study of psychology, education, arts, literature, leadership development, history, and political science and moves toward a perspective where women's experiences are central to the understanding of human society and behavior.它將婦女的問題和觀點整合到理論框架中,通過該框架我們可以研究心理學,教育,藝術,文學,領導才能發展,歷史和政治學,並朝著這樣一種觀點出發,即婦女的經歷對於理解人類社會和行為。 Students will strengthen their critical thinking skills as they learn to challenge previously unquestioned epistemology and hegemonic principles and learn to identify the ethical implications of excluding gender from the arts, humanities, psychology, religion, culture, and history.學生將學習挑戰以往毫無疑問的認識論和霸權原則,並學會確定將性別排除在藝術,人文,心理學,宗教,文化和歷史之外的倫理意義,從而增強他們的批判性思維能力。 Three of the four below are required for the emphasis:需要強調以下四個中的三個: 




The Expressive Arts Therapy is a multimodal approach to therapy that often incorporates art making, writing, poetry, drama, dance/movement, sandplay, music, and/or play therapy.表現藝術療法是一種多模態療法,通常包含藝術創作,寫作,詩歌,戲劇,舞蹈/動作,沙盤遊戲,音樂和/或戲劇療法。 People utilizing the Expressive Arts Therapy are encouraged to explore their responses, reactions, and insights through pictures, sounds, somatic explorations, and encounters with creative art processes.鼓勵使用表現藝術療法的人們通過圖片,聲音,體能探索以及與創造性藝術過程的相遇來探索他們的反應,反應和見解。 A person is not required to have artistic ability to use or benefit from expressive arts therapy.不需要一個人具有使用表達藝術療法或從中受益的藝術能力。 An Expressive Arts Therapy emphasis will encourage hands-on learning, creativity, interpersonal skills, effective communication, commitment, and self-responsibility.表現主義藝術療法的重點將鼓勵動手學習,創造力,人際交往能力,有效的溝通,投入和自我承擔。 Students will explore the healing potential of the arts through self-reflective art directives, research and service learning in the community, and will develop an appreciation of multicultural and global perspectives in the expressive arts.學生將通過自我反省的藝術指導,在社區中的研究和服務學習來探索藝術的治愈潛力,並將發展對錶達藝術的多元文化和全球視野的認識。 The theory and practice of expressive arts may serve a vital role for students pursuing work in human services, counseling, wilderness leadership, and education.對於從事人類服務,諮詢,荒野領導和教育工作的學生來說,表達藝術的理論和實踐可能起著至關重要的作用。

A student with an Ecopsychology emphasis strives to integrate ecological principles and psychological wisdom into a unified field of study in order to develop a significant appreciation of humans as complex psychological beings acting within ecological systems.注重生態心理學的學生努力將生態學原理和心理智慧整合到一個統一的研究領域中,以培養人們對作為在生態系統中起作用的複雜心理生物的深刻認識。 Depending on the specific interest of the student, coursework in either psychology or environmental studies may be emphasized.根據學生的特定興趣,可以強調心理學或環境研究課程。 In either case, the student must develop a substantial foundation in each of these disciplines.無論哪種情況,學生都必須在這些學科中的每個學科上都有堅實的基礎。

The Counseling emphasis intertwines theory and practice through small-group learning and the integration of specific, guided practicum experiences into the curriculum.輔導重點是通過小組學習以及將特定的,有指導性的實踐經驗整合到課程中來融合理論和實踐。 Many students receiving a competence in Human Development with a Counseling emphasis move directly into entry-level positions in agencies before going on to complete advanced studies.許多獲得人類發展能力並具有諮詢重點的學生,在繼續完成高級學習之前,直接進入機構的入門級職位。



  • 學生將展示關於該領域的歷史和理論的專業和道德知識,以及他們在幫助專業中的角色的必要傾向。
  • 學生將參與自我反思的實踐,旨在使他們適應在治療環境中的實踐,這包括了解自己在權力/特權社會結構中的位置。
  • 學生將展示專業的口頭和書面溝通技巧,包括課堂/課程討論,提交學術作業,教師和同伴互動,專業環境和社交媒體。
  • 學生將展示文化適當能力的發展和社會公正的實踐和倡導。


  • 案例經理
  • 兒童護理員
  • 實驗室助理
  • 市場調查員
  • 精神病學技師

對心理學和人類發展感興趣的學生參加針對以下能力的課程:溝通技巧,社會理論,實踐和研究方法。 儘管課程組合無窮無盡,但學生可以通過以下課程示例列表獲得心理學和人類發展學位。