January 9, 2024

Prescott College to Host Education Colloquium January 26-27

Multiethnic teacher and kids studying electricity and incandescent light bulb at physics lesson in bright classroom

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Prescott College’s Education Symposium Education Department Colloquium — The Power of Positivity: Shining Bright in K-12 Education — set for January 26-27, 2024 in Phoenix, AZ promises to be an exciting professional development experience. Participants will have opportunities to attend presentations by Prescott College faculty, students, and distinguished guests from the field of education, participating in skill-building workshops. Expect to be engaged, challenged, inspired, and ready to return to your schools, districts, classrooms, and organizations rejuvenated! 

This year’s Colloquium will feature two keynote speakers, Centáe Richards, Ph.D. and Panfilo H. Contreras.

Friday, January 26th – Centáe Richards, Ph.D.,
Dr. Centáe Richards is an epistemologist, public speaker, researcher, visionary in the field of Education and the Associate Dean for our Education Department. Dr. Richards applies the knowledge, experience, and expertise from the non-profit sector in the fields of culturally responsive practices, trauma informed practices and non-exclusionary practices to the professional development of educators in the areas of equity, growth mindset, and life-long learning.

Saturday, January 27th – Panfilo H. Contreras

Panfilo H. Contreras is an award-winning administrator with over forty years of school district and personnel experience related to federally funded human resource, manpower and non-profit programs across Arizona. His experience spans professional, administrative and management positions in government and private companies including the Arizona School Boards Association, State of Arizona Department of Economic Security, the Aluminum Company of America, District IV Council of Governments, and the Migrant Opportunity Program.

The Education Colloquium provides both information and inspiration as students continue on their learning path. The Colloquium also includes opportunities to learn about the work of others in the field, meet with their faculty, and gather with their cohort of fellow learners.