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Undergraduate Admissions

Admissions Deadlines

On-Campus Undergraduate

Spring 24: December 21, 2023
Fall 24: August 1, 2024

Online Undergraduate

Spring 24: January 5, 2024
Summer 24: May 10, 2024
Fall 24: August 9, 2024

*Orientation is mandatory and those who cannot commit to attending will have their admission deferred.

Now Accepting Applications for Spring 2024 and Fall 2024

At Prescott College, we believe that your undergraduate degree should be one of the most formative and fun experiences of your life. Why spend four years just coasting when you could be exploring your passions, developing your skills, and impacting real change?

How to Reach Us

Application Process at Prescott College

The admissions application at Prescott College is free. You can start it on our website here, or through the Common App

Once you start your application, you’ll receive access to your applicant portal, where you can view the status of your materials and upload any outstanding items. If you ever have questions throughout this process, don’t hesitate to reach out to your admissions counselor.

A complete application to Prescott College requires:

Once an application is complete, we can typically get you an admissions decision within 2-3 weeks. Your admissions counselor will contact you with your decision, and if accepted, will go over your next steps. These next steps often include:

You can view other next steps on our Accepted Student Page

More Helpful Information

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International Students

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