June 7—16, 2023

Prescott College Expressive Arts Therapy Summer Institute 2023

Student making art

Wednesday, June 7 to Friday, June 16, 2023 

Sponsored by the Prescott College Master of Science in Counseling.

The Prescott College Expressive Arts Therapy Summer Institute (EATSI) 2023 brings experts in expressive arts therapy and art therapy together with students for a unique intensive learning experience. Through experiential learning, self-reflective practices, and collaborative opportunities, participants integrate theories and methods of practice while exploring applications and techniques in a creative and inclusive environment.

The Summer Institute is a core residential learning component for students enrolled in the Expressive Arts Therapy program at Prescott College. Held on campus each spring, the Institute provides rich relational opportunities to gain awareness, clinical knowledge, personal growth, and experience in expressive arts and art therapy.

Participants gain a deeper understanding of professional applications while engaging, first-hand, in stimulating creative processes that encourage self-expression and reflection. All EAT enrolled masters and post-master students are required to attend at least once during their program. MS in Counseling students, alumni, prospective students, and community members are welcome to attend part or all of the Summer Institute.

The Institute is scheduled to be held in person at Prescott College. A detailed schedule including morning wellness opportunities, several breaks each day, and more will be provided to registrants prior to the Institute.