April 17—19, 2024

Teach-In on Palestine and Israel

Teach-In On Palestine & Israel

Join us April 17th-19th at the Crossroads Center for a in-person, or zoom, Teach-In to create an understanding of the conflict and violence in Gaza.

Prescott College students, faculty, and staff, led by senior Sage Pineda, will hold a three-day event will build context around the history of this conflict, the call for a ceasefire, and media analysis. This issue has become deeply divisive in many of our communities, and we need, now more than ever, to talk with our friends, neighbors, families, and colleagues. This event culminates in a speaker panel on April 19th, with various authors, academics, and organizers viewing this violence through different historically informed perspectives. This space will be a fantastic opportunity to learn with curiosity, patience, humanity, and imperfection.