September 12, 2023

Kino Bay Adventures for Undergraduate Students Over Break

Written by Zayla Young ’26

Between Winter block one and two, several Prescott College students took a four-day trip to Kino Bay, Mexico. The Kino Bay Center facilitates, supports, and integrates collaborative efforts promoting sustainable use and conservation of resources in the Gulf of California’s culturally and biologically rich Midriff Island Region. The Center promotes and models collaborations between people from different cultures and institutions to co-create solutions to complex conservation challenges. 

Eight students and two instructors took a twelve-hour road trip in the van to the Prescott College Kino Bay Center. The architecture was stunning and the houses along the coast were adobe white with greenery surrounding the homes. With gorgeous sunsets every night over powdery tan sand, students noted that even more spectacular was the wildlife. About fifteen species of birds thrive in Kino, and the Center focuses on tracking the progression throughout the seasons of the different types of species.

Early on, students and instructors embarked on a boat trip–a day with the Comcaac, exploring the town, playing, and swimming in the ocean. Snorkeling gear was available, but the group was so busy watching and interacting with marine life, they saved snorkeling for another time. Students saw different types of birds, dolphins, and sea lions on the boat trip! Prescott College The group visited with Comcaac people on their land on the last day. The Comcaac people were kind and welcoming and talked about their rich history and culture. Students went on a nature walk with the Comcaac people, and they introduced all the different types of plants. One of the ladies of the Comcaac visited our Center and made beautiful hand-crafted baskets and accessories. 

The Prescott College Kino Bay Center focuses on Marine Biology, Social Justice, Adventure Education, and Environmental Sciences and Education. Also, the Prescott College Kino Bay Center has recently created a website explaining more about the center’s work. The Center has made a lasting impact on the students that visited, and they had a blast learning about the culture, land, vast ecosystems, and beauty of the place.