May 2, 2023

Student Spotlight: Zayla Young

I found out about Prescott College through my high school in California. I was interested in Prescott because of the psychology and advanced master’s program for becoming a therapist. Also, the adventure education field enticed me, especially the backpacking orientation trip. Tests and quizzes for me are a challenge so being able to learn in a more experiential environment was another reason for choosing Prescott College. 

I love how Prescott allows you to customize your degree. I am doing a double major with two emphases right now–Adventure Education with an emphasis in Wilderness Leadership, and Psychology with an emphasis in Arts Therapy. I was really drawn to Prescott’s Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Art Therapy because I could not find it offered at any other college in the United States.

Touring the college in person was also a major reason why I chose to go to Prescott College. I really enjoyed seeing how the campus was laid out–Everything is close together, I could easily get from class to class and go to my dorm without struggling to be late for events. I really like the dorms because they have a nice clean feel, are spacious, have plenty of closet space, and are [LEED Certified] Platinum. The Cafe and Library area seemed very cool as well. I chose Prescott College because I want to live in a place that makes me feel at home and at ease. 

The teachers are passionate about what they do, which pushes students to want to learn and be motivated in moving up in their education. The staff is super kind and knowledgeable in their fields of passion. The Success Coaches have made the transition from high school to college way less stressful. I have bonded with my peers through Wilderness Orientation and just being at the dorms. There are always student activities happening outside of class, which helps form more friendships at Prescott. The community at Prescott College has such friendly and welcoming energy. I appreciate how everyone is so supportive and kind to each other.