June 5, 2024

Alumni & Faculty News for June 2024

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Corinne Masur ’74
Corinne is still working as a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, enjoying the outdoors and staying in touch with various friends from PC. This summer, her new book, “How Children Grieve,” will be released on July 9, 2024, but it is available for pre-order here.

Eliot Treichel ’97
Eliot is hosting a virtual writing workshop, “Cross Genre Creative Writing Workshop,” from July 8 through 14. Read more, sign up for the workshop, or explore other summer Fishtrap activities here.

Allison Field Bell ’10
Allison’s poem, “Weight of Water,” was recently published in The Florida Review Aquifer. Read it here.

Sarah Platenius ’00
Sarah’s literary work, poetry, will appear in an upcoming North Americans Review. Congratulations!

Lydia Paar Leavy ’07
Lydia is publishing a collection of essays from the University of Georgia Press about “lyrical snapshots of friendship, violence, love, and lounging in working-class America.” The essays are available for pre-order here!

Rachel Yoder (’01)
Rachel’s novel, “Nightbitch,” is being adapted for the screen by Marielle Heller and starring Amy Adams. It will be in theaters in October. Stay tuned for a special screening at Prescott College as well. See the Facebook post here!

Titiana Shostak-Kinker ’99 & ’12
Titiana invites you to a Sedona Women’s Retreat that she’s co-facilitating with her friend, Jen Wyatt, in August! Click here for more information.

Prescott College Emeritus Faculty Member Tom Fleischner
Tom Fleischner, Faculty Emeritus and Director Emeritus of the Natural History Institute, has been actively involved in writing and public speaking for the past few years. He has worked with several colleagues, including emeritus faculty Lisa Floyd-Hanna and David Hanna, to highlight the ecological uniqueness and importance of the Mogollon Highlands Ecoregion. Two papers have come out recently: “An Ecoregional Conservation Assessment for Forests and Woodlands of the Mogollon Highlands Ecoregion, Northcentral Arizona and Southwestern New Mexico, USA,” (DellaSala et al. 2023,  Land 12(12)) and “The Mogollon Highlands Ecoregion of the American Southwest: A Neglected Center of Ecological Diversity,” (Fleischner et al. 2024, Natural Areas Journal 44(2): 104-119). Tom also has a chapter, “Revealing and Reveling in the Story of Nature,” in the new book (published in honor of biologist Harry Greene), Heart of the Wild: Essays on Nature, Ecology, and the Human Future, edited by Ben Minteer and Jonathan Losos, coming out this summer from Princeton University Press. Tom has also given several talks: “Natural History as a Practice of Conservation and Connection” to a training school in Chilika, India, hosted by the IUCN Species Survival Commission (Freshwater Conservation Committee), Future for Nature Academy, and The Fishing Cat Project; “Why Natural History Matters” at the NAU School of Earth and Sustainability; “Natural History, Reciprocal Healing and a Sense of Kinship” at the Natural History Institute; and “Natural History, Loving the World, and Achieving Sustainability” as part of a panel discussion, “Knowing and Protecting Life on Earth Begins With Natural History and Science Innovation” at the United Nations Science Summit. So many amazing happenings. Thank you for sharing with our community, Tom!


Prescott College M.S. in Counseling Faculty Member Audrey Milburn, PsyD, LMFT
Prescott College M.S. in Counseling faculty member Audrey Milburn, PsyD, LMFT, provided insightful advice for an article in Parents, “Best Miscarriage Gifts for a Loved One After Their Pregnancy Loss.” Dr. Millburn’s areas of experience and research are depression, anxiety, acculturation issues, burnout, grief and loss, traumatic brain injury, fertility issues, early childhood, attachment and family of origin issues, relationship issues, emotional regulation, and adjustment difficulties. Read the article here!