April 27, 2023

Alumni Spotlight: Tillie Walton ’07

Tillie Walton

Tillie Walton ’07 is an award-winning river conservationist, hydrologist, river guide, environmental planner, and speaker. Her love of rivers was inspired by over 15 years of guiding whitewater expeditions through the Grand Canyon and on other rivers around the world.

Earlier this year, Prescott College welcomed Tillie Walton ’07 back to campus for a special evening of storytelling about her journeys on the last remaining wild rivers of the American West. The evening, which started with a social at the Crossroads Center, included a Q & A and screening of the series premiere of her public television series, Wild Rivers with Tillie with Emmy Award-winning producer and director Dan Duncan. Tillie is a voice for the river and works to amplify the voices of those who depend on it. She loves sharing her passion for water and hosts a highly sought-after annual river expedition through the Grand Canyon with diverse groups of influential leaders. These trips educate and build awareness of the importance of rivers and inspire innovative collaborations between change-makers from many walks of life. 

Tillie is the recipient of the 2018 River Hero Award and has been instrumental in creating large river restoration projects. She has been a guest co-host for several episodes of the Emmy Award-winning PBS program In the Americas with David Yetman

In addition to her environmental and scientific work, Tillie has served on the board of many local, national, and international organizations. She is passionate about meditation and wellness and has been blessed to work with world leaders and top teachers in these fields. Tillie holds a B.S. in Environmental Science and Hydrology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Planning.