April 23, 2024

April 2024 Student Employee of the Month

Christian Davis is the April Prescott College Student Employee of the Month! Here are some kind words from his supervisor, Kathy Young:

“Christian has been working at the warehouse with us for the past two years. He has been one of the most consistent team members of the crew. Christian is always ready to take on any task that needs to be done at the warehouse. He is very reflective and thoughtful about methods of work and how we do things. He often comes up with helpful suggestions for improvements in how we do things over here. Christian has been instrumental in assisting with our ongoing goal of making the warehouse a more effcient and pleasant work center for students and employees.

Christian took on the extra responsibility of working on vans with Steve. He could stand in for him, issue vans to users, and do the inspections and recordkeeping required to track use. He is not afraid to take on any project and figure out how it might work and how he might make it work better. He occasionally gets lost in the endless bins of broken camp stoves and goes through each one down to the last component. Such thoroughness makes him a role model for us and other work students on the crew. We love it when Christain walks through the door with his big smile and humor. He lights up the warehouse, and working with him is so fun. 

We have really enjoyed working with him and will be sad when he moves on after graduation. We wish him the best of luck with his new journey!!”

Congratulations, Christian! Thank you for everything you do for our community and more! We are so lucky to have you!