Frantz Fanon Community Strategizing Center

We are a community organizing and mobilization project devoted to popular education, advocacy, and organizing


The Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center (FFCSC) is a community organizing and mobilization project devoted to popular education, advocacy, and organizing. The FFCSC is a space for Prescott College stakeholders as well as Northern Arizona community members and organizations to strategize around issues vital to their respective communities.

Community Engagement 

The FFCSC is a place where community members come together to build solidarity by engaging in opportunities that fuel interest and excitement for embracing and elevating diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging at Prescott College. 

Some FFCSC favorites include Día de los Muertos, MLK Day, Chicken and Waffles, Fanon Movie Night, and the annual BIPOC Dinner. 


The FFCSC serves as the epicenter of exploratory Teach-Ins that engage members of the Prescott College community. These Teach-Ins are accompanied with informative conversations and co-curricular activities that foster a greater sense of awareness for environmental and social justice topics. From global climate change to developments in social, economic, and political affairs, there are endless opportunities to get involved and further advance your understanding of the foundational and nuanced elements that accompany pressing societal influences. 

Networking & Stakeholder Strategizing 

The FFCSC hosts the Community Strategizing Council.

At Prescott College, the Community Strategizing Council seeks to support the institution through engaging in strategizing efforts that include:

Critically evaluating the systems and structures of the College, both in terms of resource use and productivity, to encourage the integration of community strategizing principles into the operations of college entities.

Promoting a sense of community in a way that addresses injustices for Students of Color, LGBTQ+ Students, Indigenous Students, and other underrepresented student groups.

Helping attract and retain students by providing physical and virtual spaces that are social, appealing, accessible, safe, and nurturing for community strategizing efforts.

Generally, the Community Strategizing Council informs, organizes, and motivates efforts toward social, environmental, and economic change across the Prescott College community that ensures an adaptive effort is seen in an evolving societal climate. Specifically, this council is responsible for recommending community strategizing goals, pathways, and initiatives to the leadership of the College, monitoring and assessing related projects, and convening various stakeholder groups to gather input for strategic planning.

The students, staff, and faculty members of Prescott College are able to centralize their community engagement, Teach-Ins, and networking opportunities within the FFCSC’s canvas page. To join this page, click here!


To learn more about the Frantz Fanon Community Strategy Center, email [email protected]

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