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Green Mountain Center For Sustainability

Learn how to live sustainably at the Green Mountain Center for Sustainability at Prescott College. We promote solutions-based learning from personal to global scales, building learning communities and supporting innovative student projects. Contact us today.


The Green Mountain Center for Sustainability at Prescott College serves students, alumni, staff, neighbors, and an online audience by promoting solutions-based learning about how to live more sustainably, from the personal to the global scale. The Center integrates Green Mountain College’s award-winning approach to sustainability education with Prescott College’s rich history of leadership in environmental studies and social justice. By building learning communities through events and programs, facilitating connections among stakeholders, and sharing resources, the center cultivates the skills and knowledge needed to create a more just and sustainable society.

One of our most important contributions, in conjunction with the Prescott College Sustainability Council, is to help fund innovative student projects that foster more environmentally, socially, or economically sustainable practices. Funding requests can be submitted via the Sustainability Funds Grant Proposal form.

If you would like to help support the work of the Green Mountain Center, click the button below to donate. Simply specify that you’d like your gift to go to the Green Mountain Center under Gift Restrictions. Thanks so much!

Our Goals

  • Create a rich sense of community on the Prescott College campus for students, staff, community members, and alumni from both Green Mountain College and Prescott College
  • Continue national leadership in sustainability education through residential and online activities, and create an online presence that celebrates the work done by students, faculty, and alumni of GMC and Prescott College
  • Encourage and support project-based courses, independent studies, senior projects, and co-curricular activities based on finding alternatives to unsustainable practices, using the Prescott College campus and its surrounding region as a laboratory for solutions-based learning
  • Serve as an incubator for sustainability research, consulting, and community organizing, and curate materials generated by these efforts
  • Facilitate place-based education and online connections between bioregionally focused organizations around the world, building on the distinctive bioregional approach to distance learning developed at GMC and now carried on through Prescott College’s graduate programs

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Green Mountain Center Staff

Laird Christensen

Eleanor Tison

Zach Czuprynski
Sustainability Coordinator

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