May 1, 2024

Alumni & Faculty News for May 2024

If you’re a Prescott College Alumni or current/past Faculty or Staff member and would like to be featured in the next update, click here.

Roland Rick Church ’02
Roland recently published his sixth book, “Dark Bull,” in the Noel Two Horses series. It is about a Native American ex-cop private investigator in Prescott, Arizona, and a Native American deaf girl who receives visits from Tribal spirits and has to deal with cold case child murders and a recent murder of a dorm roommate. Click here to purchase yours today.

Charlie Stephens ’95
Charlie invites you to purchase their novel, “A Wounded Deer Leaps Highest,” while supporting their small, queer, independent bookstore on the Oregon Coast, Sea Wolf Books & Community Writing Center. Click here to learn more about their book and writing center. To find out more about Charlie, click here.

Charles Roessel ’95
Charles was recently named the 2023-2024 Tribal College President Honoree of the Year by the American Indian College Fund. Congratulations, Charles. Click here to read more.

David Moskowitz ’02
David’s latest book, “BIG RIVER: Resilience and Renewal in the Columbia Basin,” will be released this spring. You can pre-order a signed copy and attend a book event with David here.

Walt Anderson ’08
Click here to watch Walt’s recent presentation at the Natural History Institute about “The Intersection of Art and Conservation.” Also, please enjoy this image of a cicada on its first day of emergence, sent to us by Walt: “As its wings dry, it turns brown, so this green form is both ephemeral and very special.” Almost as special as you are to this community, Walt. Thank you.

If you would like to see more of Walt’s art, please join us for the Cicada Gallery’s First Inaugural Art Show on May 2 at 4:30 PM. RSVP here. The gallery will also be open for viewing throughout May.

Prescott College Staff member Michael Riley ’11
Michael recently published an article in the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, & Leadership titled “The Developmental Value of Independent Student Expeditions in Outdoor Adventure Education for Emerging Adult-Aged Participants.” Independent Student Expeditions remain controversial because students are not traveling with their instructors and being directly supervised by them. In this article, Michael and other colleagues set out to identify the key learnings that students attribute to this section of their NOLS course and pinpoint the mechanisms that promote student learning during this particular section. Click here to read it.

Former Prescott College Faculty member Kurt Refsnider was featured on the Adventure Journal Podcast
Kurt was featured in a recent podcast with the Adventure Journal discussing his “dream gig,” founding Bikepacking Roots, an organization dedicated to getting folks outside and having fun. Click here to read more.

Prescott College Faculty Members Recent Publication
Dr. Abby Yost and Dr. Emily Affolter recently co-published an article in the Oxford Review of Education that describes how we dialogically and continuously learn each other’s educational values, positionalities, and experiences to develop a decolonial teaching praxis that they enact at Prescott College. Click here to see it for yourself. Congratulations.

Two of Prescott College’s MSFS Faculty Members Selected for First Cohort of Food Systems Leadership Training
Dr. Lisa Trocchia and Dr. Kristen Sbrogna will be part of the first cohort in this 6-module program from early May until mid-July of this year with Conscious Food Systems Alliance, an initiative of the United Nations Development Project, in collaboration with the Inner Green Deal. The training is intended to help participants cultivate the inner capacities needed to sustain and deepen the impact of their work on food systems transformation. Congratulations, Lisa and Kristen. For more information about CoFSA, click here.