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Adventure-based Counseling Certificate

Post Master's Certificate

Why this program?

The Graduate Certificate in Adventure-Based Counseling is designed for learners who have already attained a masters degree in a field of mental health practice and who wish to specialize in adventure-based intervention. Additionally, this 15-credit hour certificate can be taken concurrently with the 60 credit hours required for the Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

What can you do with this certificate program?

This is one of the very few academic programs with the program objective to incorporate the experience of experiential learning and adventure in modalities designed to heal clients and facilitate their personal exploration. Graduates will possess competencies in both conventional counseling and adventure therapy, including in residential and community-based settings. You will develop critical thinking skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to facilitate counseling that integrates clinical adventure-based interventions, including ethical considerations, cultural relevance, risk mitigation, clinical applications, and current research;

What will this program look like?

The Adventure-based Counseling Certificate program is designed to enhance your learning and future practice through such courses as: Foundations of Experiential Counseling, Experiential Counseling Intensive, Treatment Applications in Ecotherapy, Ethics and Risk Mitigation in Ecotherapy, and Assessment, Evaluation and Research for Nature-based Counseling.

Key Program Information

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Start Dates
August 22, 2023

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