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C. Centáe Richards, PhD

Associate Dean


Dr. Centáe Richards is a dynamic public speaker, professional development facilitator, social justice protagonist, equity advocate, and an expert in the areas of sociology, curriculum, cultural studies, and education. He serves as the current Associate Dean of Education & Professional Preparation Programs at Prescott College. A Caribbean-American epistemologist by trade with over 18 years of experience, Dr. Richards inspires educators and communities to probe deeper and tackle some of the most challenging issues in the education and the public sphere. Dr. Richards investigates educational phenomena and curricular patterns occurring in K-12 education and beyond. His most recent publications measure the impact of experiential education on sociocultural mindset and responsiveness of para educators within urban settings. His academic interests include arts-based research, narrative inquiry, and the sociopolitical intersections of knowledge. Dr. Richards also applies his knowledge, experience, and expertise from the realms of culturally responsive practices, trauma informed, non-exclusionary practices in the professional development of educators in the areas of inclusion, belonging, growth mindset, and life-long learning. He advocates for responsive tools and mindset strategies to consciously accept individuals where they are and encourage students to persevere towards new levels of learning and achievement. Dr. Richards is an expert as facilitating dialogue to explore the world through the lens of diverse urban and rural learning environments. Using strategic & collaborative approaches useful to educators, Dr. Richards invites colleagues to connect and cultivate relationships, encourage achievement, and engender holistic learning opportunities for the educator, the student, and their communities.