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Mariana Altrichter



Areas of Study

Environmental Studies

I love the outdoors, education, children, and conservation. I am fortunate that I have been able to connect all these interests and made a career out of it. I do field research in Argentina, teach at Prescott College, lead a nature camp for children, volunteer at a local bilingual environmental education program, and I am an active conservation biologist. I am a native of Argentina, lived in Costa Rica for over five years, and in the US since 2001. I received my Master of Science in Wildlife Conservation from the National University of Costa Rica and my Ph.D. in Natural Resources and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Arizona. I have been doing biological and sociological research for the last 25 years on the conservation of biodiversity, the use of wildlife by rural and indigenous people, and the interactions between macroeconomics and local people’s livelihoods. I have published over 40 scientific papers, books, and book chapters. I have also become more interested in environmental education as an important approach to cultivating early environmental literacy. I am the director of an environmental program “All children in the Woods” that I created in 2014. I wrote a book “Playing in the Ponderosa Pines”, based on the philosophy of place-based education, to teach children about the local ecology. I also designed and run a bilingual (Spanish and indigenous) environmental education program in Northern Argentina.