August 7, 2023

Adventure Education Seniors and Their Transformative Projects

From Cecil Goodman, Adventure Education Faculty Member

Adventure education seniors have completed another batch of amazing/inspiring/transformational senior projects – including Savannah Sandoe’s project working with the outdoor club at Phoenix Union High School, which culminated in a 3-day fully Prescott College student-led backpacking trip that sought to foster student leadership and community. There were rave reviews from the high school students and the teacher.

Here’s what the teacher had to say: “I wanted to take a moment and tell you that Savannah truly came through on her project. Here’s a list of the things that were completed excellently: her communication with me throughout the entire process; her presentation to the students at school before the trip; her going back out to the trail to confirm water sources; the menu she planned; the extra gear she obtained- everything. However, where she excelled the most was in her leadership of the trip. Her positive energy and vibe could be felt during the entire trip. She led and served endlessly throughout. I was so impressed with her. This trip was every bit as outstanding as any trip that I’ve been on with Prescott College, and it was executed by two students.”

Congrats Savannah!