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Early Childhood Special Education

Bachelor's Degree

Why this program?

The Prescott College Education Department combines innovatory, accessible, quality curriculum with talented, experienced and knowledgeable faculty to provide our undergraduate students with superior training to meet the contemporary needs of students with a high degree of skill, professionalism and expertise. Social Justice is at the heart of the work we do at Prescott College. The rich variety of ethnic identity, languages, and cultural diversity in our country require clear, multiple and accessible pathways for children to experience success. The Education Department at Prescott College recognizes the diverse families, teachers, after-school program directors and community members as partners who strive collaboratively with us to secure the academic success of all children and young adults from birth through 12th grade and beyond. The Professional Preparation Program at Prescott College cultivates the knowledge and skills necessary for future teachers, leaders, and innovative thinkers to foster parent-educator relationships, cultivate collective decision-making processes in addition to other forms of democratic participation which have been historically inaccessible to many families and communities. We strive to offer cutting edge excellence so that educators may support communities, cultural difference, inclusion, and ensure positive learning environments for students from all walks of life.

What can you do with this degree?

The Early Childhood Special Education bachelor’s degree prepares students to teach in a variety of early childhood education (Birth-Age 8 or Grade 3) classroom settings..

Successful completion of degree requirements leads to an Institutional Recommendation for Arizona Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education. View Arizona’s certificate details here.

What will this program look like?

A bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Special Education includes a 60-credit competence in education, including 40 credits required by the Arizona Department of Education for your licensure recommendation.

In addition to your education content, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in other interdisciplinary coursework across our curriculum through your general education and electives. 

The Early Childhood Special Education undergraduate degree can be completed on-campus or online. Each education course includes required in-person observation hours in a local school of your choice. We encourage you to observe different types of classrooms and schools to see various teaching and engagement styles. 

Residency Requirement: Undergraduate students in education programs are required to attend a minimum of one colloquium event during their tenure at Prescott College.

Key program information

Start Dates:
May 21, 2024 (online only)
August 20, 2024
January 14, 2025

Application Deadlines:
May 10, 2024
August 5, 2024
January 2, 2025
May 12, 2025

August 2, 2024
December 20, 2024

Application Checklist

  • Completed Application
  • Official transcripts
  • List of References
  • Essay

Admissions & Apply


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Did you know that there is a bike stand with cable-attached tools in the Village for students to fix, adjust, and maintain their bikes? Thanks to facilities for installing the repair station, the Sustainability Council for funding this student proposal, and to Housing + Space Committee for approving its final location. We hope this repair station is a successful pilot project so that an “external” (i.e., public-facing) repair station can be established and open to all community bikers!

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