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Maurie Lung, PhD

Director, EdS Experiential Counseling & ABC/NBC Post-graduate Certificates


D. Maurie Lung, Ph.D., LMHC, LMFT, integrates over 30 years of experience in recreation, education, psychology, and evaluation to provide therapeutic services in a community-based organization she founded, Life Adventures. In addition to her experiences as a practitioner and administrator, Maurie provides training and technical assistance to organizations internationally and is also the Director Adventure-based and Nature-based Counseling at Prescott College. She has co-authored three books and is currently writing a fourth book. Maurie serves on the AEE Accreditation Council as well as the Certified Clinical Adventure Therapist council. She is also a mom to 8-year-old triplets and a 10-year old, whom all enjoy “adventure days”. In all of these roles, Maurie utilizes experientially methodology provide services with a diverse client population. The growth and change she witnesses for youth, families, and adults through this process continues to amaze her and remind her of the power of playful experience.