The Ecosa Center focuses on sustainable design and studies the interface between the natural and human environments.

By understanding regenerative design and design thinking we can intentionally design the world so that human communities and nature can be sustained and thrive.

The Ecosa approach to education does not hinge on a specialized subject, but instead demands a whole systems view of all the interconnected parts: art, design and technical skills; the impacts of culture and community; urban planning; architecture, interior architecture and alternative building methods; biomimicry, permaculture, the natural world and ecologies; and the roles of technology, communication, and presentation. Through examining and understanding the many aspects of design, Ecosa students will have the tools to be future leaders and help plan for a resilient future.

ECOSA has been Recognized by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and offered to both matriculating and non-matriculating students. 

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We provide an education that spans areas of study and brings together knowledge from various fields.